Universities and hospitals liberation traffic violations

Awarded the Traffic Department in the holy capital, government entities , such as universities and hospitals , the ability to edit traffic violations through a comprehensive coordination and according to specific requirements . He explained the official spokesman for the passage of Mecca Col. Fawzi Al-Ansari ‘s “home” yesterday, that there is a comprehensive coordination between traffic management and all governmental entities in which the private parking in the campus be , by making an application to the traffic to regulate traffic inside after a specific procedure is... read more

23 years in prison for the penitential insisted his approach deviant

It condemned the Specialized Criminal Court , accusing 23-year prison sentence for his insistence on his approach deviant , which prevents him from traveling , writing and participating in the ( online ) preserved him and the community. The court today issued a judgment at first instance spends on demonstrated guilty Panthajh takfirist approach and kaafir and rulers , scholars and men of security and belief should be out on the guardian and his call to overthrow the system of government , and wear it for the pledge of allegiance and pledge allegiance to the leader of the organization named ( Daash ) terrorist... read more

Forum « electronic security » , organized by Taibah University recently , recording 680 revealed an attempt to penetrate terrorist groups , attacks on the websites of local government bodies expires titles b COM.SA at a time when the number of government entities did not exceed 200 hand . He pointed out the forum that extremist organizations are prominent actors , which deliberately to carry out electronic breakthrough, stressing that the causes of cyber-attacks , ranging from the financial , religious, geographical and political motives , as well as the negatives that result from these breakthroughs financial Kalkhosair , and the dismantling of family ties , extortion , spreading scandals and other... read more