Judicial precedents are non-binding but are useful and pertinent called precedents persuasive . This type of case involves issues resolved by the lower courts , no judges of the same class or judges of supreme courts from another geographic region or judges parallel courts decisions (such as military courts or administrative ) , and in exceptional cases, decisions of the judges of other countries, or treaties, etc ..... read more

Judicial precedent that must be applied and followed known precedent binding. According to the principle of Stare decisis – or already passed – the lower courts must adhere to the legal consequences of the Supreme Court. For example, in federal and state courts in America, the jurisdiction usually divided geographically between the respective local courts follow the arbitrator regional appeal. And all the courts of appeal in turn a higher court. Thus the lower court decisions do not apply to higher courts, as well as the decisions of the courts of appeal do not apply only to the geographic scope of the local courts. Which means that the lower courts will be bound by the decisions issued by the Supreme Court on similar issues in the facts and issues, unless there is a strong... read more

Judicial precedent in the Anglo – Saxon legal systems are the cause of legal precedent established principle or rule the Court or any other right to benefit from judicial system when there is a similar issue in the issues and the facts . And you know the former as a ” legal basis laid for the first time by the court to issue a special type and are therefore identify any similar issues. ” [... read more