Average Maindzh Saudi judge in court level in the UK amounted to 1,000 cases a year, and it hurts the course of justice and delay consideration of the deliberations of the issues , and attribute those concerned with the judiciary in the Kingdom of the reason for this to the judicial leadership; such as the Council of the Judiciary , and the Administrative Council of the judiciary, and to poor planning and implementation, and the expulsion of judicial experience Nabhh such as judges, law graduates , and to the lack of job security for members of the judiciary... read more

Saudi legal scholars believe that the regime applicable to the nearest Maicon law Anglo-Saxon “common law” as well as take from the Latin law is a common combination , but they say that the Islamic regime is the original collection of pros Anglo-Saxon and Latin before these laws are so Saudi Arabia unique to the existence of a distinct legal... read more

Council of Administrative Justice: Some see it moving slowly towards the issuance of functional regulations of the judges of the Board of Grievances of the scar and inspection and other transport, but on the other hand declares head of Office of the Ombudsman and the President of the Administrative Council of the Judiciary, Sheikh Ibrahim Hugail a television interview that the solution for the development and reform of the administrative judiciary is the appointment of the judiciary to fill the shortfall in the number of judges and that has a huge Strategy is a plan that all the judges of the board of grievances training to raise the judicial work in the Office of the Ombudsman level of performance and authorizes the President of the Office of the Ombudsman and the President of the... read more