General rules binding abstract issued by the competent authorities in the state that allow or prohibit or regulate the right or the rights of a group of public power group. In other words, it is all legal rule issued by the competent authority of a written document . Ranging types of legislation in the importance and strength according to the role they play in the organization of social life ; One manifestation of this gradient undergo some of them for others . The competent authority , according to the original enactment of the legislation is the Legislative Council Legislation irrevocable or copies so you can remove it and stop its work to raise binding force for the future and be a cancellation explicitly or implicitly... read more

Psychologically habit is unusual and acquired and educated and frequent individual patterns of behavior , and spoke before the feeling and not thinking my feelings directly or unnoticed because they do not meet with self- analysis. Habituation is learning after a period of exposure to a certain sexy. Usually well it has emerged in psychology Alozivuon studies and pragmatists . And develop the habit work activity several times ; and that the nerve cells in the brain to create a steady course change makes it difficult to pass quickly from the firing pin like watching TV or eating. Habit may take days or even years Iatadha individual depending on the... read more

The Constitution is the supreme law which sets the basic rules for the form of the State ( simple or complex ) and the system of government ( monarchy or republic ) and the form of government ( presidential or parliamentary ) regulates public authorities in terms of competence and relationships configuration that between the authorities and the borders of each authority and duties of the fundamental rights of individuals, groups and places safeguards against her... read more