Filter inheritance

-Our group through specialized working groups that oversee the work of a group of skilled lawyers to assess elements of succession, liquidation and execution of wills, inherited  terms of standing and payment debts and legacies of their collection and apportionment of inheritance between the objects deserving adults or minors or women either consent or transfer ownership assessment of contingent beneficiaries, whether within or outside the Kingdom. Liquidation of companies and their settlement and assess its assets and divided -The Group of companies of all kinds or agreement and the assessment of its assets, divided or sold whether satisfaction or spend a month of playoffs as specified by... read more

Registration and documentation

-Registration of companies, trademarks, patents, industrial designs, IP (industrial and literary) and include the following: -Take the necessary measures to establish businesses and procedures modified or transformed into closed joint stock companies or public companies and system in accordance with the requirements of the capital market authority. -Preparation of internal regulations for companies in accordance with the provisions of labour regulations and work and models used. -Extract the business records of companies, institutions and renewed and updated, modify and extract in lieu and opening branches inside and outside the Kingdom. -Extract all necessary licenses from governmental donors according to their competence, including permits from the General Authority for investment... read more

Consulting and studies and legal legitimacy

Legal advice in the areas of criminal, civil, commercial, banking and finance, administrative and labour. studies and research work in all areas of legality, order and human rights. Lectures, courses, forums and educational meetings for senior cadres in customer installations regulations prevailing in the Kingdom and explain how to face the problems encountered during the workflow and... read more