2. Commercial Law : The law , which split the first civil law , a legal rules governing the persons commercial relations by organizing business , traders and the means of payment collection ( check, Svetjh or bill of exchange , bank card , money orders , commercial bonds ) , businesses of all kinds ( inception , management, organization Tfelicha ) . This law follows the many sub- laws as law firms maritime and commercial law, commercial and industrial property protection , the private competition law , the Electronic Commerce Act , the law of the purchase of the stock , distribution and marketing law , banking law, etc... read more

1. Civil Law is one of the most important branches of private law which regulates the relations that arise between people Ayham does not work as the owner of the rule. Civil law is the law that regulates the legal and financial links _ with the exception of those related to trade _ and your own personal relationships, some individuals and some. Based on this definition it regulates the two types of special relationships for individuals: financial transactions, and personal status. This law follows the many sub-rights, including: the Law of Evidence (or evidence) Law, Family Law, Nationality Law, literary and artistic property protection law, real estate law, agricultural law, insurance law, consumer law and consumer protection, contract law and contracts... read more

It is the legal rules that govern between two parties , one or both have sovereignty or public authority , or a group acting out , and this trend could say that the common law includes the following sections : 1. Constitutional Law is the basic law of the state and consists of the rules that underlie the state group defines public authorities where the ( legislative . Executive judicial ) as well as regulate the governance and walked inside and form of these principles and rules and provisions most important legal data related to governance within the state... read more