3. Administrative Law : and is the sum of the legal rules governing the activities of the executive authority the course of discharging administrative functions, and shows how to manage public utilities and utilization of public funds as well as to determine the country’s relations with its employees in terms of recruitment and promotion and commissioning and loan and other... read more

Consulting and studies and legal legitimacy

Legal advice in the areas of criminal, civil, commercial, banking and finance, administrative and labour. studies and research work in all areas of legality, order and human rights. Lectures, courses, forums and educational meetings for senior cadres in customer installations regulations prevailing in the Kingdom and explain how to face the problems encountered during the workflow and... read more

Preparation and drafting of contracts

-The preparation and drafting of contracts of civil, commercial and administrative (international and domestic), review and negotiate with third parties on the conditions and requirements and develop solutions and proposals about the implementation problems of legitimacy and legality and follow-up on the following topics: (A) contracts: Sale-rent-bare-contractor and subcontracting-work-depository agency-escort – sponsorship – General construction. (B) commercial contracts: Agencies, names and trademarks and commercial sales-all types-commercial mortgage-guaranty – transport – finance – investment – supply. (C) administrative contracts Audit of contracts entered into by UNOPS clients with government agencies and the participation in the negotiations prior to conclusion... read more